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Pre-Med Advising Overview  April 16th, 2012

Applying to medical school is a process that requires a lot of planning and preparation. To be a successful applicant you must follow a rigorous program of science courses and gain substantial healthcare experience through volunteering, job shadowing, and internships. While some students apply to medical school between junior and senior year, it is not uncommon for students to wait until after graduation to apply. This allows for more time to prepare and gain experience.

Meet regularly with your pre-med advisor

Your pre-med advisor will provide you with the information on how to become a strong applicant for medical school. This includes course selection, involvement ideas, preparing for the MCAT, and how the application process works. Your pre-med advisor writes you a letter of recommendation for medical school, so it’s important to build a relationship over time. The pre-med advisor for the college of Public Health and Human Sciences (PHHS) is Jolene Bunce.

 Making an appointment

If you are a current student in PHHS you may call the advising office or stop by to make an appointment. If you are a student in another college, a graduate of OSU, or a perspective student wanting to set up an appointment please e-mail Jolene directly at Make sure to identify yourself as a pre-med student when setting up your appointment.


Any major is acceptable for medical school. Medical schools don’t favor any one major over another, and they look for a wide variety of interests for their entering classes. You should pick the major that you are most interested in and work with the pre-med advisor to make sure you are getting in all of the required medical school pre-requisites. In PHHS we offer majors in Nutrition, Exercise and Sport Science, Public Health, and Human Development and Family Sciences.

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