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Medical School Application Portfolio  April 18th, 2012

What is the medical school application portfolio?

The medical school application portfolio is developed as a student prepares to apply to medical school. The purpose of completing the portfolio is to obtain a committee letter from the OSU Pre-medical Committee, which your pre-med advisor writes. A committee letter acts as a cover letter to all the other letters of reccomendation that you collect. In order to be eligible for a committee letter you must have at least a 3.2 cumulative gpa and a MCAT score of 24. Exceptions are only made for students with extenuating circumstances. Students do not automatically receive a committee letter. You must submit all the required documents and meet any deadlines.

Portfolio contents:
Confidentiality statement (print) Confidentiality statement
Personal information sheet (print) Information Sheet
Self assessment (print) Self Assessment
Personal statement
Letters of recommendation
Final list of schools which you are applying
MCAT scores
AMCAS and/or AACOMAS application
Check for $12 payable to College of Science
(cost of letter loading service for applications)
Complete EXSS 343 pre-med section

More about letters
You can have letters sent to the advising office at any time and they will be held for you until you apply. You will need a minimum of 5 letters in your portfolio from the following people: 2-science, 1-physician, 1-major professor, additional letters can be from physicians, professors, supervisors, volunteer coordinators, etc.)

Print and fill out a letter of recommendation form to give to each person that is writing you a letter.
Letter of Recommendation Form

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