Personas in Email Marketing

Personas allow a company to capture what their target audience is and those people are looking for in buying products. Knowing this helps a business because you can look for certain things the customer wants and you can get them to a company store either in person or online. Many companies take this information and create a “customer” that briefly describes their target audience. This can help a company generalize their target audience and provide features or designs tailored to their likes.

Email List Capture-

The main goal in Email Marketing is to get your advertisement out to people so it can influence them to either buy or at least know about the company. While you can have the best marketing strategy or design for your email but if you have no one to send it to it is pointless for your company. Getting a strong email list is going to be beneficial to the company and your campaign. One of the best ways to get this list growing without people reporting it as spam is to create a space on your website to sign up for the newsletter so you can have people that are wanting to see your advertisements.

Making sure your email gets opened-

Once you have created a persona for your target audience and get a good list of people that you can email your advertisements to its time now to make sure it gets opened. Most of the time when you send out an email and it has a simple and specific subject line, it has a higher chance of getting opened by customers than a clever alternative one.

Once they open the email-

Another thing that you should do in your email is promise something good to the customer. This could be a discount code the next time they visit or a recommended product that you think that they would like. You should also use a personal touch to your emails. It doesn’t mean you send each person a different email but including their name can make it more personal than others. When the customer opens the email, it shouldn’t look like a formatted email sent from a template. Make a creative design to they are more attached to the email rather than going back to their inbox.

Creating a persona for your customers can be a long task but once you have done so, it can make meeting goals for the company easier. Once you have established that “customer” that i mentioned above it can make it easier to see what the customers problems are and how you can create a product to make those problems go away. It is a win-win situation.

Recently I have created a persona for the company Nike. This person likes to go on a run after work because they believe that it keeps them healthy and active. This persona is someone in their 20s-30s. They like to stay fit and enjoy a nice run every once in a while. This person like to run outside for the most part but goes go to the gym every so often to lift some weights or run if the weather is bad. Something that they value is comfortable and fashionable clothes and shoes they can work out in. They are influenced by their childhood by always playing a sport and being active as well as wanting to do things that their favorite athletes and celebrities do as well. Nike is that company that can support their active lifestyle that follow the new trends but also provide very comfortable clothes to be active in. After they workout they can enjoy some clothes that they can lounge around in but also go out with friends and family and still look stylish.