IPIP Results and Reactions

The IPIP results are given in five sections; extraversion, agreeableness, conscientiousness, neuroticism, and openness to experience. The scale for each dimension is out of 100 points, and the dimensions are built from six subcategories. For the extraversion category, I scored the lowest of all my scores on the test at sixteen. The most significant contributing factors to this were excitement seeking and cheerfulness. In the agreeableness dimension, I scored the highest at eighty-two. All the subcategories, such as sympathy and trust, were relatively average or high. In the conscientiousness factor, I scored average, which means I am reasonably reliable, organized, and self-controlled according to the personality test. Neuroticism category, I scored average, which means I process emotions on a scale similar to the rest of the US. The final class, openness to experience, was above average; I scored highest in liberalism and imagination. 

A potential employer viewing my test results would depend on the type of job position I was attempting to fill. For example, a car sales position would not hire me because they would be looking for someone high on the extraversion scale when I am below low. However, a librarian position would hire me immediately because of that low score. Most employers look for dimensions such as agreeableness and conscientiousness since both lead to good team players. The flip side of agreeableness being so high is it can be challenging for a leadership position when paired with introversion.  Neuroticism could be viewed as a weakness because the employee could be oversensitive. However, a low score would mean the employee is a psychopath or not emotionally invested in the firm, which can have its own set of problems. 

Openness to experience may not seem relevant in the business world, but it is. The economy and world are constantly evolving and changing; if someone isn’t open to this change, stuck in their ways, it can hinder the organization. An example of this would be the organization I currently work for is afraid of technology and taking so long to adapt that they are behind the entire industry. Although there are five different dimensions, I think the employer’s job is to decide which measurements are most valuable to the job position.

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