Critiquing a Recruitment Ad 

Personal branding has a broad umbrella of ideals in the professional realm. As someone that would like to work in Human Resources, I hope to represent myself to the employer as reliable, organized, and humorous. These are easy traits to exhibit during interviews, such as arriving on time or early, having a printed resume on hand, and the ability to crack a joke or keep it light. I would also like to portray myself as looking for growth opportunities within the organization.  I can achieve this by asking what their current policies or ideals on promoting within are. My greatest weakness is also my greatest strength which is being introverted. It takes me a couple of minutes longer to come out of my shell than most; however, this gives me the ability to be an excellent observer of others’ body language, tone, and overall attitudes. 

Recently I have been interested in entering the veterinary human resource field; most of these jobs require some type of experience within the industry. I do not have any; therefore, I know it will be more challenging to get one of these jobs. For this reason, I think an animal-related novel or creative situation ad would catch an employer’s attention. One idea could be posting an advertisement on a community Facebook page with photos of all of my animals (four cats, two dogs, a bird, a bunny, and three chickens). It could have a one-liner joke: “Recent graduate told me to pick a career aligned with my passion; will any veterinarian offices help me?” Another idea could be scheduling appointments at the local veterinarian’s office for every animal and giving a copy of my resume at each meeting. My last thought would be to create a wanted ad where I list the daily activities involved with taking care of the number of animals I own. I could mention underneath if any skills transfer to veterinary HR, I am looking for a job to support said animals. I think employers enjoy any type of creativity that can make them understand your personality for the work position better.

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