Job Descriptions

My previous job was for the same organization I work for now. However, I am in a different role. I started in a secretarial position and was eventually placed into online data entry. The original job description influenced my choice heavily. I recall some tasks listed included:

  • Answering the phone when customers called.
  • Closing customer invoices.
  • Calculating weights of steel to scrap.

The job description made the job sound more tedious and fast-paced. There was a busy season, yet it was short, from July to August. 

For example, the calculations listed in the job description were intimidating for me as someone that does not excel at or enjoy tedious math equations. However, once I was in the role, it was simple multiplication problems with both numbers precalculated. One task that the firm failed to list was cleaning; I do not mind cleaning if I am under the assumption that it’s part of the job. However, it was never mentioned, not even during my training. Once I knew that it was my responsibility, it wasn’t an issue, but it seemed like an odd thing to not include in the job description. 

The role that I am in now did not exist within the company before. I think this worked to my advantage in the tasks being holes in the system where problems occurred; however, after watching the minilectures from last week. I wonder if that would be an issue in the future when I leave the job role; since there is no listed job description for my current position. Most reviews have been from a customer service perspective; instead of, are you accomplishing these tasks to the standard of the org. 

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