Experiences with Discrimination

Discrimination has always been prevalent in the workforce; however, its never been acknowledged. It is similar to an optical illusion where you cannot stop seeing it once you have seen it. A public lawsuit against my favorite organization involving discrimination, whether ethnicity, culture, or a belief system, is an opportunity for me to be part of the change in ending this type of societal behavior.
The hiring practices of a company play a part in influencing situations of discrimination. In my last retail job, this was the basis of the interview process, random questions that I was hired if I answered the way they wanted me to. One question I remember was, what would you do if the building was on fire? The turnover rate for employees was extremely high. The reading this week referenced ten different types of voodoo hiring practices; I believe that using this method unintentionally opens the door to implicit bias when hiring, which continues into the company culture. How is that fair if someone is going off of a gut instinct to employ another person? How can the candidate fitting into the job role be measured when it is based on a black box of characteristics from one person’s gut feeling? How is this practice safe from discrimination and stereotyping?
Claims of discrimination against my favorite organization would quickly change my viewpoint of them. I don’t have social media, so canceling the organization wouldn’t be part of my ideals. However, they would never receive another dollar or moment of my time again. That’s another thing that is changing; consumers are more invested in what the establishments they are spending money on are doing.

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  1. Hi Pearl,
    I thought you did a great job with your blog post this week and were able to incorporate the concepts we learned in lectures this week. I think that you made a really good point that the hiring practices of a company are influential in the culture and environment that they are creating. I think being able to have professional and routine hiring practices would allow for a reduction of the possibility that bias affects the hiring decision. I also agreed that after finding out my favorite company was accused of discrimination, it would change my views of them. I personally feel like there are too many companies out there with good ethics and hiring practices that it would not be too difficult to find an alternative company to support. Thanks for sharing!

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