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  • Fourseeable Problems

    It seems like for blog post four, we are to discuss problems and how we personally work through them. I personally work through problems like most folks, or at least I think most folks work through their problems like this. I tend to panic first and try to rerun my code multiple times to see […]

  • 3rd Post on May the 4th be With You

    Hello once again, I am back with a third post. Since the last suggested question on the rubric allows for an open-ended discussion about the project, I will use that as a blog post starter. I want to take the time to vent a bit about the Unreal version control process. It took me an […]

  • Just A Second Post

    Hey folks, I am back with a second post. I just want to give a quick update on the Capstone Project and the technology behind it. So, the team and I decided to make an Escape Room game with the assistance of Unreal Engine. We decided to go with Unreal over Unity which none of […]

  • Cap Stone First Post

    Hello to all of you that have decided to check out my blog! I am entirely new to the blogging experience, so please bare with me. My name is Daquan Patterson, and I am using this blog to fulfill a requirement for my capstone class here at Oregon State University. I may get into or […]

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