Where I Started

From Biology to Coding… Going into my first year of undergrad in UCSD was a unnerving process filled with uncertainty and doubt. Coming in, I had no idea what I wanted to study, do with the rest of my life, or even what pair of shoes I would wear for my first day of lectures.… Continue reading Where I Started

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New Challenges

For anyone reading my blog, you have heard about how I went from studying Biology to Computer Science and now looking to get into the field of AR/VR. Recently, I have become part of a AR project, which will be my capstone assignment for the last quarter of my major. The project’s aim is to… Continue reading New Challenges

Future Endeavors

When first studying computer science at Oregon State University, my focus was on grasping the various concepts and rules that were associated with coding. I never really sat down my first year of the program to consider what I wanted to do with this degree. It wasn’t until the previous year we just passed that… Continue reading Future Endeavors

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