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  • Most Important Thing You’ve Learned 

    In my opinion, the most important thing I’ve learned this year is all the way back in week two when we discussed the laws associated with staffing. This was very interesting because there were a lot of laws that I didn’t know about. It’s also very important because if you don’t know all of the […]

  • Self-Reflection

    After my experience in college, I’ve gotten a lot better at my current skills and learned some new ones along the way. I’m a very good communicator and I can connect with others very easily which will play well in the business world. I’m also very organized and analytical I combine these skills with being […]

  • IPIP Results & Reactions

    Results summary: Starting with the extraversion category, I scored very high on most of my numbers above 90. I find I thrive in social settings, I’m very friendly and assertive with high levels of activity. I like to always be doing something and am rarely by myself. For agreeableness, I was middle of the pack […]

  • Typical vs. Maximal Performance

    When it comes to this topic there’s more than one right answer and it is actually extremely situational depending on the job. From a face value though I would rather have the higher-performing employee Avery. The main reason is that her skills are simply unmatched and can offer the longest-term benefit to the company. I […]

  • Critiquing a Recruitment Ad

    I think my brand is somebody who is outspoken, reliable, and hardworking. I feel like these are things that potential employers initially notice about me when I have conversations with them. By the way, I carry myself and communicate with people who can tell right off the bat that I can deal well with clients […]

  • Job Descriptions

    One topic we discussed last week in the lecture was the importance of a job title to a potential employee or potential applicant. This was a really interesting topic because there’s a lot of truth to it, I have experienced something very similar. Having a strong title is very important to people because it symbolizes […]

  • Week Two Experiences with Discrimination

    When evaluating a company I find company values and inclusion very important. Treating everyone fairly I believe is extremely important for any company, and important for me when deciding whether to support a company or not. If a company came out with outstanding claims of discrimination it would definitely influence my decision whether to support […]

  • The Case for Recruitment & Selection 

    There are multiple reasons why organizations might allocate more resources to marketing and production counter to employee recruitment and selection. The first reason is if your organization doesn’t require highly skilled employees with rare specific expertise. There are a lot of companies that can hire entry-level employees and easily train them to do the task […]

  • Past Job Interview Experience

    Applying for a job as an applicant can be a difficult and straining process, there are usually many different stages and interview processes you have to go through. The last job I applied for was an internship at Columbia Distributing, when going through this process I had to go through three interviews, the last being […]

  • Hello world!

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