Milestones in My Life

1. Born and Raised

I was born and raised in Korea. After a somewhat stormy period of adolescence, I had a wonderful campus life joining College football club and spent lots of time there as a team manager. It was full of romance and alcohol and a little bit of football.

2. Move to the US

In my mid 20s, I came to San Francisco, originally planned for 9 months for learning English and travel. When it was closer to the end of my stay, I met my husband and we quickly fell in love. I ended up staying here much longer than I had planned, and I’m still here many years later.

3. They Came to the World

My twin babies were born in 2015. I remember the moment the doctor said baby A was a girl, at this point we thought it was a girl twin – it would have also been lovely – but she said baby B was a boy. My husband and I looked at each other at the same time and shouted silent cheers for having a girl and a son at the same time.

4. Resume Career

Around the 1st birthday of my babies, I was both mentally and physically exhausted from raising twins. When I got a new job as an analyst in a website security corporate, I was just very happy to be alone without my kids during the day regardless of work stress. In about a year, I entered the semiconductor industry as an engineer support position, and until then I could not imagine that I would continue to grow my career in this unfamiliar industry.

5. Pursue of Engineering

At this point I wanted to be a data scientist or a full stack software engineer, so I studied programming languages myself. But after months of studying coding on my own and exploring the job market for engineering positions, I decided to get a CS degree and this was one of the best decisions I have made. The last two years, like many of you, have not been easy to work full-time, raise kids, and do homework until late night. But it finally opened up the opportunity for me to be a technical program manager.

6. New Phase

I recently joined a great team in one of the largest chip makers and my annual income has more than tripled from 5 years ago. Although I am not in software engineering and still thinking about whether I should keep pursuing that career path, I am happy and feel very lucky for what I’ve achieved so far.

Thank you for reading my story and good luck to everyone to have a good career ahead!

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