Current Graduate Students

Heather Bervid
PhD Student (Meigs)

Shyam Das-Toke
MS Student (Creveling)

Jianghui Du (JD)
PhD Student (Mix and Haley)

Jon Edwards
PhD Student (Brook)

Jenna Epifanio
PhD student (Brook)

Benjamin Freiberg
MS student (Stoner)

Theresa Fritz-Endres
PhD student (Fehrenbacher)

Anna Glüder
PhD Student (Mix and Carlson)

Cedric Hagen
PhD Student (Creveling)

Meghan King
MS Student (Creveling)

Kelsey Lane
MS Student (Fehrenbacher)

Nicholas Mehmel
PhD student (Brook)

Ann Morey-Ross
PhD Student / Senior Faculty Research Assistant II (Meigs)

Ben Young
PhD Student (Brook)

Deepa Shah
PhD Student (Stoner)

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