Current Faculty

Ed Brook
Ice cores, greenhouse gas records
Professor (G&G/OEB)
(541) 737-8197

Christo Buizert
Ice cores, greenhouse gas records
Assistant Professor (G&G)
(541) 737-1572

Peter Clark
Paleoclimatology, glacial geology, speleothems
Distinguished Professor of Earth, Ocean, and Atmospheric Sciences (G&G)
(541) 737-1247

Jessica (JC) Creveling
Neoproterozoic and Phanerozoic (ice-age) sea-level change; carbonate stratigraphy and sedimentology; chemostratigraphy
Assistant Professor (G&G)
(541) 737-2112

Jennifer Fehrenbacher
Trace element and stable isotope geochemistry, biomineralization, and marine biology. Trace elements in marine calcifiers, for reconstructing ocean circulation, temperature, and chemistry in the past.
Assistant Professor (OEB)
(541) 737-6285

Brian Haley
Applying radiogenic isotope systems to questions of past ocean change, trace metal, paleo-proxy development and application, ocean acidification and future climate change, deep-time paleoclimatology
Associate Professor / Senior Research (OEB)
(541) 737-2649

Mitchell Lyle
Reconstructing Cenozoic-Holocene Earth Systems from sediment composition and deposition patterns
Professor / Senior Research (G&G)
(541) 737-3427

Jennifer McKay
Stable isotope biogeochemistry, Marine and sedimentary geochemistry, Paleoceanography
Assistant Professor /Senior Research (OEB/G&G)
(541) 737-4054

Alan Mix
Ocean and continental paleoclimate, isotope geochemistry, speleothems
Distinguished Professor of Earth, Ocean, and Atmospheric Sciences (OEB/G&G)
(541) 737-5212

Erin Pettit

Ice dynamics (movement, deformation, and fracturing) and how dynamic processes interact with a glaciers current and past surroundings (ocean, atmosphere, and landscape).
Associate Professor (G&G)

Andreas Schmittner
Global coupled ocean-atmosphere-biogeochemical models
Professor (POA/OEB)
(541) 737-9952

Joseph Stoner
Paleo- and environmental magnetism, geochronology, interactions between climate and the geomagnetic field
Associate Professor (G&G)
(541) 737-9002

Maureen (Mo) Walczak
Assistant Professor, Senior Research (G&G)
(541) 737-3402


Courtesy & Emeritus Faculty

Jay Alder
Climate Modeling
Courtesy Research Associate / Post Doc (USGS)
(541) 737-5629

Jorie Clark
Quaternary geology, paleoclimatology, archaeology
Courtesy Assistant Professor (G&G)
(541) 737-1575

Steve Hostetler
Regional and global atmospheric climate models, hydrology
Courtesy Research Scientist (USGS)
(541) 737-8928

Gary Klinkhammer
Trace metals as paleoproxies, plasma spectrometry, sediment and pore water geochemistry
Professor Emeritus (OEB/G&G)
(541) 737-1429

Nicklas Pisias
Paleocenagraphic reconstruction, geostatistics
Professor Emeritus (G&G)

Fredrick Prahl
Development and application of organic geochemical tracers to study modern and past problems in aquatic ecology and sedimentology
Professor Emeritus (OEB)
(541) 737-3969

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