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In this recorded episode of TAC.FM, Stevon Roberts and Mark Dinsmore talk about ways in which educators are applying game mechanics and game theory in educational contexts. The discussion begins with Valve software’s physics-based puzzle game “Portal.” The newest release from Valve, “Portal 2,” has a special distribution for educators, with map editors and access to community test chambers. If you want to try it out, be sure to visit, a clearing house that includes and allows submission of real lesson plans that can be used or shared among educators.

Minecraft is a sandbox construction game that goes way beyond what its basic geometries would suggest. Minecraft lends itself to incredibly sophisticated learning outcomes, particularly in the realm of computer science.  From basic understanding of transistors to extremely complex models of graphing calculators, the game is well-suited for these tasks.

The discussion concludes with overviews of modeling behavior in Second Life, and augmented reality applications that leverage the GPS function in mobile devices to achieve real-world outcomes in fun, fitness, exploration, and public safety.

Watch this episode now (74 minutes, Adobe Connect webinar. Feel free to use the playhead to skip past the first 5-10 minutes or so, which are mostly announcements)

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