Purpose: To recognize and reward individuals who have made outstanding contributions to the Oregon State University Extension Service through creative and effective administrative and/or educational program leadership.

Background: Alberta Johnston served the Extension Service for 40 years as county Extension agent, specialist, and administrator in Wyoming, Montana, and Oregon. On her retirement as Deputy Director of the Oregon State University Extension Service, she endowed this award to outstanding performance of Extension educators and administrators.

Award: The recipient will receive $1,000 check and a plaque. Announcement of the award is made at the annual Extension Annual Conference Faculty & Staff Awards program.

Eligibility: Nominees must have been an administrator or providing educational leadership (or a combination of the two) for at least three consecutive years in the OSU Extension Service. Eligible positions include, but are not limited to, faculty, specialists, program leader, unit leader, department head, administration, assistant/associate director, or director.

Criteria: Demonstrated leadership within the OSU Extension Service in the following areas:

  1. Providing effective leadership and guidance for faculty and staff within the specific unit of responsibility;
  2. Promoting and creating positive changes within the unit or organization;
  3. Introducing innovative approaches to assigned responsibility;
  4. Developing positive interaction with others who have administrative/leadership responsibilities; and
  5. Promoting positive working relationships between OSU Extension and other units, agencies and clientele.

Instructions for Preparing Nomination Packets for Awards

2022 Submission Deadline: October 17, 2022

Each nomination packet must include the following information and be organized in the order of the points below. Please include a cover sheet listing the nominee’s name and the specific award. Each nomination must address the purpose of the award and related criteria as outlined on the description sheet for the specific award. Promotion and tenure dossiers and nomination packets prepared for other awards will not be accepted. If an individual or team is nominated for more than one award, a packet must be submitted for each award.

Although surprise is good, it is not required and the nominee can be involved in preparing the packet. The nominator should discuss the nomination with the staff person’s supervisor(s).

1. Required— Letter of nomination. Limited to one, single-space page. The letter should briefly indicate why the person is nominated. It must include the number of years worked in Extension, describe the nominee’s career progress, and itemize the positions held.

2. Required— A minimum of one, but no more than three, solicited letters of recommendation. If the nominator is not the individual’s supervisor, a letter of support should be included from the supervisor. These letters must be addressed to the nominator from peers, co-workers, clientele, and supervisors. The nominator is responsible for soliciting and receiving letters and assembling the final packet.

3. Required— A summary of accomplishments, not to exceed one page (1-2 sided accepted), reflecting the criteria outlined for the specific award. The selection committee will evaluate each nomination packet against the criteria listed in the award’s description sheet. The nominee’s Plan of Work and Reports of Accomplishment are good sources of program information (these are available from the nominee’s supervisor).

4. Submit nominations by email to:

Rebecca Symons, Administrative Assistant to the Associate Director of Extension
OSU Extension Administration

 Note: Nomination packets that do not follow these criteria will be disqualified and nominator will be notified.

Past Recipients:

2021 – Mike Bondi

2020 – Gail Langellotto

2019 – Jeff Sherman

2018 – Jim Johnson and Kaety Jacobson

2017 – Sam Angima

2016 – Lyla Houglum

2015 – Dana Martin

2011-2014 No Awards

2010 –  Sandy McNabb

2009 –  Jay Rasmussen,

2008—Mike Bondi, Dan McGrath, John Punches, Brian Tuck

2007—Sally Bowman

2006— No Award Given

2005— No Award Given

2004—Russ Karow, Crop and Soil Science

2003—John Burt, Marion County

2002—Donna Gregerson, Benton County

2001—Charles Boyer, Horticulture

2000—John Faudskar, Tillamook County

1999—Clint Jacks, Jefferson County

1998— No Award Given

1997— No Award Given

1996—Mike Howell, Jackson County

1995—Evelyn Brookhyser, Lincoln County

1994—Janet Calvert, Lane County and O.E. (Ernie) Smith, Extension Administration

1992—Dawn Hawkins, Umatilla County

1991—Roger Fletcher, Extension Administration

Updated: September 2022

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