With our transition to Acquia for hosting our Drupal 7 sites from our servers we manage with aegir, we’ve set up our releases to be easier and more rapid. Our process will be going from 2 week releases for a large batch of patches and updates to going to small updates more often and without requiring a developer to oversee the process, while still giving us control of when we release large features and updates. The new tools available to also allow us to automate some of the release process and gives us more time to work on cool new features and updates.

Because of this, we have made the decision to freeze code pushes on aegir. Security updates will still be made to protect sites from any malicious access, but new features and bug fixes to our modules will only be going to sites on Acquia.

The transition to Acquia will be seamless for our sites, and no action is required on the part of the site owners. Many of our smaller impact sites, such as drupal.oregonstate.edu, are already on Acquia, and we are in the process of transitioning all our other Drupal 7 sites to Acquia. This process should be completed very soon, with many sites completing their transition early next week.

As always, you can contact us if you have any questions about this transition.

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