The Drupal 7.37-cws-1.0.0 update was released to our development environment on Tuesday, May 11th, 2015, and will be released to production sites on Tuesday, May 19.  This release includes:

OSU Drupal Bug Fix

  • In the previous release, which included a major update to the Media module, it was discovered that the Colorbox module no longer worked, which affected the display of our Video Carousel feature. Videos themselves still worked, but they would not open in the “lightbox” that we were using for the Video Carousel feature. The fix for this required the inclusion of a new module, media_colorbox. This allowed us to simplify the View that displays the videos, so in the end we now have a better solution. This fix has already been pushed out to all of the development sites, and many of the production sites that were using videos. The rest of the production sites will get the update on Tuesday May 19 during the normal update cycle.

Drupal Core Bug Fix

  • In Drupal 7.36, a regression occurred which caused certain kinds of content to become disabled if they were originally defined by a module that is no longer available.  This has been corrected.

Major Version Upgrade

  • Drupal core 7.37

Security Updates

  • None

CWS Custom Module Updates

  • live_feeds-7.x-2.3.1 – the Beaver Job parser has been added
  • doug_fir-7.x-2.9.0 the LPI theme variant has been added

Contributed Module Updates

  • faq-7.x-1.0 has been updated to its first stable release

New Modules

  • job_scheduler-7.x-2.0-alpha4 added to support Feeds module


If you have questions or concerns please contact us though our contact form.

The Drupal 7.36-cws-1.2.0 update was released to our development environment on Tuesday, April 28th.  This release includes:

Major Version Upgrade

  • Media -> 7.x-2.0-alpha4
  • File Entity -> 7.x-2.0-beta1

The long-awaited update for media handling has been provided with the adoption of Media 7.x-2.0-alpha4.  Please visit the OSU Drupal Community site  to learn more about the Media module, through our Making Media Manageable article and the Media Component Overview, which provides rudimentary instructions and evaluation information.

Security Updates

  • Display Suite 7.x-2.8
    • This update was actually pushed out to production immediately last week to address a Cross Site Scripting vulnerability in production. It has been added into the update package for this week’s dev environment updates.

CWS Custom Module Updates

  • doug_fir 7.x-2.8.5
    • Updated Google Analytics javascript code
  • live_feeds 7.x-2.3.0
    • Added a new parser plug-in for Beaver Careers
  • osu_editor 7.x-1.0.0
    • New module to include all Media module and File Entity related configurations
  • osu_manager 7.x-1.1.3
    • Back-end updates, added permissions for Media and File Entity modules
  • osu_author 7.x-1.2.3
    • Back-end updates, added permissions for Media and File Entity modules
  • osu_architect 7.x-1.2.3
    • Back-end updates, added permissions for Media and File Entity modules
  • osu_editor 7.x-1.0.0
    • New module to include all Media module and File Entity related configurations
  • osu_groups 7.x-1.4.2
    • Fixed query used to determine the top-level book page

Contributed Module Updates

  • Advanced help 7.x-1.2
    • Mostly back-end fixes, though a few different, small CSS issues within the module were corrected.
  • Better Exposed Filters 7.x-3.2
    • Fixed AJAX issue that was failing with BEF links
  • CAPTCHA 7.x-1.3
    • Fixed issues with session reuse errors, improved image markup, provided environment specific CAPTCHA disabling
  • Features 7.x-2.5
    • Fixed back-end issues
  • reCAPTCHA 7.x-1.12
    • Fixed back-end issues
  • Webform 7.x-4.7
    • Fixed some conditionals related bugs, corrected some incompatibilities with Media module and other token-like markup, addressed several back-end issues

New Modules

  • Plupload    7.x-1.7
  • Multiform   7.x-1.1

These modules were added to provide bulk upload functionality for the Media module.

If you have questions or concerns please contact us though our contact form.

The Drupal 7.36-cws-1.0.0 update was released to our development environment on Tuesday, April 14th.  This release includes:

Security Updates


CWS Custom Module Updates

OSU Groups Module

An “Hours of Operation” field has been added to the Group node type.

Highlights Feature

The background fill that displays when a mouse hovers over a transparent background highlight has been fixed.

Contributed Module Updates


If you have questions or concerns please contact us though our contact form.

The next CWS Drupal release, 7.35-cws-1.0.0, will be deployed to production Drupal 7 sites on Tuesday Mar 24. This release includes:

Security Updates

  • Drupal core 7.35
  • Webform 7.x-4.5
  • Chaos Tools 7.x-1.7

CWS custom module updates

It was discovered that the varnish cache was not being cleared when the site cache in Drupal was cleared. In response, a hook was added to clear the varnish cache for a site when the site cache is cleared through using “Flush all caches”.
Lookup Module
After deleting the module, the content in the database was still present, including the tags data.  This has been corrected.
OSU Groups
Login redirection to dashboard was broken.  This has been corrected.
The appropriate Actions Permissions were added and provided to the group user role.  These permissions will allow group managers the ability to perform bulk operations when managing their users.
OSU Group Views
Every view that is a part of the OSU Group Views module has now been configured to cache for 1 hour, the same as Feature Story.  Therefore if changes do not immediately show after you make them, flush the cache.

Updates to contributed modules

New contributed modules

Domain Context
This will allow sites that use the Domain module to create Contexts that use the domain as a condition. This will be particularly helpful in

Removed contributed modules

We are no longer using this having instead gone with the Colorbox module.

If you have questions or concerns please contact us though our contact form.



The close of Drupalcon 2013, held in Portland, has left me with lingering, fond memories of 3,300 nerds gathered in a glowing Drupalicious camaraderie.  The convention was a great success, despite the rain and ever present Wi-Fi issues.

So what, you may ask, was my personal highlight?  Maybe it was the tantalizing sneak previews of Drupal 8 with all its built-in mobile goodness?  Perhaps it was the really excellent sessions that were provided in the brand new and much needed Education and Government track?  Or, was it possibly getting my photo taken with User-1 himself, Dries Buytaert, and giving him some of our very own OSU Drupal swag?

These were all great things.  Really they were.  But, ultimately, they all pale in comparison to the keynote address given on Day Two, in my eyes at least.

This particular keynote, “Thriving in a World of Change: Future-Friendly Content with Drupal”, was presented by Karen McGrane, a world-renowned user-experience designer and content strategist who has led content projects for The New York Times, Conde Nast, and Time.  In addition to spearheading projects for enormous publishing corporations, she’s also a managing partner at Bond Art + Science, a UX consultancy she founded in 2006, and she teaches Design Management in the Interaction Design MFA program for the School of Visual Arts in Manhatten.

In short, this lady knows her stuff, folks.  If you’re a content author, site architect, or web developer on any platform, I strongly suggest taking a peek at what she has to say regarding content structure and strategy.  You will leave more informed.  You might even be a little entertained.  You certainly won’t be sorry.

Please note that the actual keynote begins at 11:30 minutes into the video.


vote button with text "primary election ballot opens at 10pm april 9th" and "general election ballot opens at 10pm april 21st"

It all started with a simple question, “Can CWS help us build a website that our student body can use to vote with in our April elections?”

The question, posed by ASOSU Organizing Coordinator, Drew Desilet, came to CWS in mid-February.  “When it came time to look at building or buying a new voting system for the student government elections, it was clear we had two options. We could choose to buy an outside product that came pre-made to someone else’s standards and needs, or we could work with our own CWS partners on campus to build us something to suit our needs.” he explains.

It should be clearly understood that the delivery of a complex, finished website or web application within a two-month timespan is a mighty tall order.  Additionally, there were a few tricky specifications that the site needed to meet, one of which includes the ability to limit the voting population to a specific segment of the OSU community, namely, Corvallis campus students.

Ultimately, the answer given to ASOSU was “Yes, we can.”

It did take a few extraordinary elements to get it up and running on such a short time-line, though:

  • Great customers who provided exceptionally clear specifications
  • A rockstar programmer who didn’t miss a step from the beginning to the end of the project
  • A diligent project manager who smoothly coordinated all those extra things that threaten to derail a web-development project
  • The OSU Drupal profile, combined with the Election module, a special contributed module that can be found at

“We’re very pleased with the way this project played out.” states Jean Waters, CWS project manager.  “Using the Election module really helped us get this project up and out in such a short time.  In fact, there are still some really nice features that came with it that we haven’t even had a chance to fully examine yet.”

The Election module is based on a new Drupal 7 concept known as “Entity”.  This is still a fairly new concept to the Drupal team here at CWS, but team member Ricky Middaugh was up to the task. “It was a unique challenge, having to work on something in Drupal that I didn’t know a lot about.” comments Middaugh.  “But I’m really pleased that we were able to provide something useful to OSU.”

And the ASOSU provisioned gift just keeps on giving, explains Jos Accapadi, Associate Director of CWS. “Thanks to ASOSU’s willingness to experiment with us, the groundwork has been done, and now we’ll be able to quickly spin up sites for other political organizations here on campus.”

Desilet agrees. “We’re already working with CWS to make system improvements for future years – mobile capability, streamlined candidate entry, candidate profile pages, and a few other minor changes – the voting system has worked out very well for our needs in the ASOSU, and it’s our hope and plan to continue using it for years to come. It’s a system other groups on the OSU campus, or really even the entire Drupal user base, can use for a voting system in the future. It would be nice to see this used across the university for any type of voting, and make it as common to ONID users as BlackBoard is now, or Gmail is to come.”

The new voting site has already passed the Primary election test, during the week of April 9th – 12th.  “So far we’ve had 2,118 voters run through the system without any hiccups of which to speak. Modifications for us between our first Primary election and our General election were minor, and largely administrative based. Therefore the tool the students will use will look and feel the same as the first time they used it just weeks before, however it will work even better for us as election administrators.” says Desilet.

The site will be ready for use for the General election, starting Sunday, April 21st, at 10 p.m. and running through April 26th.  Voting will be open to Corvallis campus students.  To get there, just go to and click the big vote button.



CWS is happy to present Doug Fir, the latest theme in the OSU Drupal 6 distribution.

the web, table, and phone views of doug fir
Doug Fir – What Responsive Looks Like

Designed by WebComm and engineered by Central Web Services, Doug Fir has been developed similarly to OSU Standard in regards to configurable theme options, integration with Google Analytics, and layout regions, but it sports a fresh, clean look which is consistent with the default theme that will be supplied in our upcoming OSU Drupal 7 distribution.

Using Doug Fir provides us with two distinct advantages:

  • It allows OSU Drupal 6 sites to look like OSU Drupal 7 ones from the front end.  What this means is that you don’t have to panic if you’re not ready to roll into OSU Drupal7, instead you can just easily switch the theme out by following the Switching to Doug Fir instructions found in our CWS Training site. (We realize that sometimes these things can seem tricky.  If, after reading over the instructions, you still feel nervous about making the switch, just submit a Help Ticket to us and we’ll be happy to lend a hand.)
  • The bigger advantage to using Doug Fir lies in the fact that the theme is responsive.  What this means is that the display will automatically adjust, as needed, to fit the screens on your mobile devices.  It doesn’t matter if your device is a tablet or smartphone, the responsiveness of Doug Fir will give you a nicely formatted appearance.

Want to see for yourself how a responsive theme works?  It’s really easy to do.  Just go to a site with a responsive theme and resize the width of your browser window.  You’ll immediately see how the layout responds.  Take a look at a couple of early adopter sites who so graciously assisted us in the development of this theme: OSU Admissions and TAC (Technology Across the Curriculum).