Photo courtesy of Tor Benson
Photo courtesy of Tor Benson

Tor Benson has 21 things to love about inimitable Iceland.  OSU students can find their own this summer by attending the Iceland: Civilization and Sustainability program.

1)    Every McDonalds in Iceland closed

2)    Highest number of books published and sold per capita — with one in ten Icelanders writing a book in their lifetime.

3)    21 HOURS of daylight in Reykjavik and 23 in northern Iceland on the

longest day of the year.

4)    Northern Lights (aurora borealis )-in the winter

5)    Blue Lagoon

6)    Three Miss World titleholders call Iceland home

7)    Two multi-time winners of “World’s Strongest Man”

8)    All Icelanders speak Icelandic, Danish, and English fluently

9)    According The Human Development Index Iceland is the most gender-equal country in the world

10)   No standing army- “Our only army is the Salvation Army”

11)   Northern-most capital in the world

12)   Life expectancy of 81, which is three years longer than the US.

13)   70% of Iceland’s energy comes from renewable resources-80% of

Icelandic homes are geothermal heated

14)   Three Hydrogen-powered buses in Reykjavik and public hydrogen filling stations

Photo courtesy of David Noakes
Photo courtesy of David Noakes

15)   Telephone book lists by first name

16)   Iceland has a list of 1500 names that people must choose from to

name their children-or petition the government to approve a name.

17)   A variety of dairy products including Skyr- sorta like thick

yogurt only much better, and flavored yogurt that they put on cereal.

18)   Nightclubs are open until 6 A.M.

19)   Europe’s largest glacier covers 8% of Iceland, and glaciers cover

a total of 11%

20)   You can’t pass fifth grade until you can swim

21)   Licorice-Iceland’s unofficial candy

Reykjavik Skyline, photo courtesy of Tor Benson
Reykjavik Skyline, photo courtesy of Tor Benson