The School of Design and Human Environment (DHE) – now part of the College of Business at OSU – offers a variety of international opportunities to DHE majors. Sandy Burnett is the DHE Internship Coordinator, and also serves as the central point of contact for international programs at DHE.

There are many international opportunities for students in the School of Design and Human Environment to take part in. These range from one week study tours to full term experiences studying at various universities abroad. Whether you want to get a quick glance at Asia’s fashion scene or immerse yourself in a full time international internship experience helping build a school out of recycled materials in Guatemala, there is an international opportunity available for any DHE major.

DHE STUDY TOURS: DHE study tours have gone to Europe and Asia. Typically, these study tours occur every other year, each tour alternating years.

The Art, Architecture and Dress Study Tour of Europe offers students a study of Europe’s 2000 years of architecture, interiors and dress. Students tour ancient ruins, Renaissance art and architecture, famous museums, and contemporary design in some of Western Europe’s most exciting cities. The group travels by trains, subways, boats, coaches, and planes while exploring London, Paris, Florence, and Rome.  The next tour is expected to be offered the Summer of 2014. For more information, please contact Elaine Pedersen in DHE.

The Hong Kong Fashion Week Study Tour is a 10 day study tour in, you guessed it, Hong Kong. A small group attends the Hong Kong Fashion Week tradeshow including live fashion shows, seminars, designer contests, while featuring the latest fabrics, materials and fashions for upcoming seasons. It is known worldwide for its large sourcing expo and is attended globally by top designers, manufacturers and retailers in the apparel and footwear industry. In addition to attending the tradeshow, the group visits the heart of Hong Kong’s fashion scene visiting key fashion markets, retailers and company site visits. Students also have the opportunity to study China’s tradition and culture while visiting museums, traditional monuments and cultural excursions all while eating Chinese traditional cuisine. Currently, a study tour of main land China is in the planning stages. For more information, please contact Sandy Burnett in DHE.

Erin Davis in Ireland, Summer 10

Dia Dhuit!
..or, Hello, if you happen to not speak Gaeilge. Only about one in five people in Ireland speak this traditional language, but it’s still an integral part of the culture, printed on the top of all traffic signs and spoken during certain hours on live television. This mixture of traditional and modern life is prevalent not only in the language but also in the architecture, the food and the live music escaping from Temple Bar pubs at almost any time of day or night. This is why I chose to spend my summer here, to experience the unique style that makes Dublin such a lovely place to be.

More specifically, I came to work in the fashion industry using my Merchandising Management degree. Most of my friends are completing summer internships in the Northwest but I wanted to do something different and have been interested in fashion for as long as I can remember. This, combined with my desire to travel, led me to choose an internship abroad with IE3 Global Internships. My internship is with Europe’s most successful regeneration project in Ballymun, which was created out of necessity during the 1960s, where high rises were built to house residents but virtually no jobs or malls were built to support the new population. This bad planning led to poverty and everything that comes with it.

Ballymun Regeneration Limited was created in 1997 to rebuild the area, and there are multiple schemes under it, including the Rediscovery Centre. Specifically, I am helping to open the Rediscovery Centre Eco Store, a boutique which incorporates multiple projects and will be selling recreated furniture, home goods and clothing and accessories made from completely recycled materials.

Currently I am completing a guidebook for running the store, including everything from a product list to emergency information. In the next seven weeks, I will be doing a bit of Public Relations and will probably work a few festivals, which are really popular in Ireland and the UK during the summer.

The overall atmosphere is very relaxed. Even though my work site is starting a huge project, there is virtually no stress, which I definitely prefer because I can think clearly and express my ideas more freely. I am surprised at how “at home” I feel here, like part of a little family in my internship, which is so much more than I could have asked for. I am excited to watch the store grow, as well as my experience and knowledge about Ireland during the next seven weeks.

Until then, Cheers!
Erin Davis