Get the answers you seek and help finding a program that is a good fit for you.

First, get to a First Steps meeting. These meetings are held at noon and 4:00 p.m. daily during the school year in 444 Snell Hall. You’ll meet a returned student and get the basics on the different kinds of programs and how to apply.

Next, identify the programs or regions you want to explore. Important questions to consider include:

Schedule a meeting with an adviser. Call the IDEA front desk at 541-737-3006 to make an appointment.

Be prepared for your advising meeting. Take a look at your degree plan.  What do you have left in the major, minor, or bacc core?  Do you have a sense of when you are planning to graduate?

Think about your financial situation. Your adviser can give you a sense about how aid is disbursed for different programs or scholarships that may be available.  It will also help focus your search if you do need to find a program with lots of scholarship money or have a certain cost range in mind.

Express your goals. What do you want to accomplish academically, culturally, and personally with this experience?  The “why” may help your adviser in identifying programs that will meet your expectations and needs.

Be open. Your goals may lead your adviser to suggest programs you may not have otherwise considered.  This is a chance for you to explore new possibilities and think critically about where best to achieve your goals abroad.

Ask questions. About housing, classes, culture, excursions, program fees, and community engagement opportunities.

Be ready to do some research on your own. Your adviser may send you to the internet to look at a course catalog or links to a program website.  Put the time in after the meeting to get what you need.

Understand how to apply.  All programs have a handy application checklist.  Make sure you know the deadlines for your program, and any additional steps you need to take.

Have a follow-up meeting with your academic adviser. Take program materials and course information for the programs you’re considering into your academic advising office.  Ask your academic adviser about how you can best meet graduation requirements on the programs you’re considering.

Keep searching. It’s just fine to meet with a variety of advisers and program coordinators to find the fit that is right for you.  It’s an important decision, so take the time you need to make it.