My Final Chapter at OSU’s Post Bacc Program. Capstone 2023

  • Biggest Success During CS467

    During this course and working on our group project I was charged with mostly doing all the front-end work. My strengths in terms of my prior experience was in more front-end technologies. I have worked with back-end before but it had been awhile since I’ve used it. So when I was able to successfully connect […]

  • Blog Post #2 – Favorite Technologies and AI

    So far my favorite technology that I am using right now is React. I have previous experience with React but using in a group capacity so far has been really rewarding. When you learn barebones Javascript for a while when you are first learning and then switch to using React, you really see the benefits […]

  • Start of Fall 2023. Last Term

    This marks the beginning of my final term at OSU’s post-bacc program. I started this program with the main focus of working in the automotive industry once I graduated. Previously I was working in the Finance industry for nearly 10 years but left that career to pursue my passion for the automotive industry. I am […]

Stay tuned throughout the term for more updates on the capstone project