Peanut Butter Cups for Supplements

Even though Nora has successfully weaned down to the less restrictive Modified Atkins Diet, she still takes a daily vitamin and calcium supplement: 1/4 of an adult Centrum and 500 mg of calcium citrate daily.

For the last six months or so, I’ve been using a simplified, modified version of Christy’s B^3 recipe.

  • 2 adult Centrum
  • 16 capsules of Solaray calcium citrate (each capsule is 250 mg)
  • 40 g of butter
  • 80 g of Adam’s peanut butter

I grind the multivitamin with a mortar and pestle, break open the calcium citrate capsules, and mix it all in with the butter and peanut butter mixture.  I warm it slightly then pour it into 8 small silicone cups and put them in the fridge to solidify.  Each cup then has approximately 1/4 of a multivitamin and 500 mg of calcium citrate, along with 10 g of peanut butter and 5 g of butter.  The vitamin is bitter and the calcium citrate is chalky, but the peanut butter seems to do a good job of masking it.

Per cup:

  • 1.25 g carb
  • 2.19 g protein
  • 9.29 g fat
  • 0.63 g fiber
  • 2.70 ratio


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4 thoughts on “Peanut Butter Cups for Supplements

  1. Hi there, I do a version of this with my son’s Selenium supplement.

    I use peanut butter and coconut oil as the mix, and pour into a silicon mold shaped like little hearts, then freeze. He calls them his peanut butter hearts and loves them.

    Heartfelt thanks for all of the awesome information on this site. I’ve been following for a while. We are on MAD and currently just about 17 months seizure free.

    We are hoping to discuss weaning in November, which will be 2 years on the diet for us. We have an EEG scheduled before we make plans to wean. We are with CHOP in Philly.

    You guys rock


    • Either. If I make it in smooth silicone cups it will pop right out, especially if it comes out of the freezer. We also have some textured silicone cups and it doesn’t really pop out of that, so she spoons it out.

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