Kale chips, aka, seaweed-of-the-land-snacks

The Brekkens have now found another veggie option. Ted’s words. We will not get any more excited than that, because it is still kale.

But it is kale that we are now happy to eat. Yesterday when I was weighing a piece of kale for Nora, Ted later admitted that he thought (but did not say):  “8 grams of kale, 10 grams of yuck.” I do take the blame for ruining kale, because I probably never cooked it right. After he tasted this recipe, he admitted that this is an acceptable way to make kale. And both kids liked it too! We could eat 1 bunch of kale at one meal with this recipe.

Kale isn’t a superstar for Nora’s diet, but it is full of wonderful veggie goodness so it’s nice to fit it in. It is very similar to the seaweed snacks that she likes, and made at home.

Find the recipe here, to give a well-deserved nod to the original post: http://www.weeatreal.com/2009/11/roasted-kale-chips.html

To measure it for Nora, I weighed 1 piece of raw kale (which came in at 6 g) and used the nutrition breakdown for that, which was 0.5 carbs (0.1 fiber), 0.2 protein, 0 fat (although the olive oil adds a bit of fat). Because it is baked in this recipe, it becomes like thin paper and the only thing that it loses is water, so the nutrition information from the raw kale should be the same as the baked kale. Please correct me if that is a mistaken assumption.

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