Today’s lesson: Vomiting

It had to happen eventually–Nora is sick. She has not been able to keep anything down yet today. We will find out what the docs think we should do about her medication.

I thought ahead and checked into this the last time Anders was sick. Our dietician said that she could eat a few saltines (2 carbs each) and a no-carb electrolyte drink. That should not interfere with ketosis and get her through the illness. Keep your fingers crossed for a 24 hour thing. The last one Anders had was quick.

On the bright side, I was already scheduled to stay home with Nora today. We will snuggle and catch up on our favorite PBS shows.

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4 thoughts on “Today’s lesson: Vomiting

  1. It’s the curse of the good-news update. The law of epilepsy-hates-you says that if you have good news now, and you share it, you will have bad news within 24 hours.

  2. Nora had a great rest of the day. She only threw up 3 times–once when she woke up, then twice to get the breakfast yogurt and medicine back out of her. After that I fed her a little bit every hour, she took a long nap, and she was back to her old self in the afternoon. She ate a normal dinner and ended up at a normal 2.9:1 ratio with about 1/2 of the day’s total calories. Anticipating a regular day tomorrow.

  3. My daughter is on the ketogenic diet (a 2:1 ratio) and has vommited 4 times the day before yesturday (Sunday the 12th) held everything down all day yesterday and now has started puking again.
    Don’t know why, any suggestions??

    • I couldn’t say why she is throwing up. You should check in with your doctor or dietician. I remember that some kids get really sick right when they start the diet and there is a danger of acidosis, so get medical advice. And if she just has a stomach bug, then get advice about how to treat her and keep her in ketosis. Good luck.

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