Firing the engine of wonder

TWO high school teachers from the Oregon Coast are participating in the Research Experiences for Teachers (RET) program on board the R/V Atlantis this month. See other posts in this series

Not only are two high school science teachers from the Oregon Coast on board the R/V Atlantis right now, but also the managing editor for the Newport News Times. The newspaper is running a series of reports about the research cruise as it unfolds, and the first article features Taft High School science teacher Andy Bedingfield:

The scientific stakes are high, but Bedingfield’s mission is more personal and comes down to the individual Taft High School chemistry students who he will try to draw into a net of wonder.

– Bret Yager, Newport News Times, July 16, 2019

Read the full article: Science at Sea: A net full of wonder

More News Times articles about this cruise:

The RET program enabling coastal teachers to participate in this cruise is sponsored by the Oregon Coast STEM Hub and the Hatfield Marine Science Center and funded by the National Science Foundation.

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