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Apply for College Scholarships

Thanks to our generous donors, the Oregon 4-H Foundation provides college scholarships for youth who are active with 4-H. For information about these scholarships and how to apply, visit the Oregon 4-H website.

Apply for Oregon 4-H Foundation Grants

a group of 4 people during a 40H event inspecting a tree, all are wearing orange protective hats

Oregon 4-H clubs, county extension programs, leaders, faculty and staff are invited to apply for Oregon 4-H Foundation grant funding for programs and projects that focus on innovation, leadership and community pride. Grant proposals require approval by a 4-H county or state faculty member as well as the regional administrator.

Proposals are due to the Oregon 4-H Foundation office on January 30, May 15 and September 30. Funding proposals will be reviewed, funding decisions made and payments authorized by the foundation’s Board of Trustees at their quarterly meetings. All grants are awarded for a one-year period and require a final report at the conclusion of the funding period.

Previously funded programs include:

  • The Eastern Oregon 4-H Leadership Retreat involving youth from seven counties. The retreat is planned, organized and workshops are taught by older 4-H members.
  • High Desert Leadership Retreat, serving young people in grades 7-12 from Crook, Deschutes, Gilliam, Jefferson, Klamath, Lake and Wheeler counties and Warm Springs Reservation. It is designed to develop leadership skills and to promote community service.

Student getting help by 4-H faculty putting a project into the water for 4-H, boots submerged in water
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