Together, supporting our youth, our future

Welcome to the Oregon 4-H Foundation

Unlocking the potential of young people is at the core of Oregon 4-H Youth Development programs. In partnership with our generous supporters, the Oregon 4-H Foundation sustains and advances this important work.

kids picking up trash from the ocean coast for 4-H

Learn how alumni, parents and friends of Oregon 4-H can support our youth, faculty and community programs.

Make a Gift

Whether you choose to support 4-H programs in your county, improve facilities at the Oregon 4-H Center, or help a 4-Her go to camp, National Congress or college, the gift you make today will help young people learn, grow and thrive.

Applying for Grants and Scholarships

4-H clubs and county programs are invited to apply for grants to fund innovative projects and special events. Thanks to supporters like you, the Oregon 4-H Foundation also provides college scholarships.

About Us

Since 1957, the Oregon 4-H Foundation has worked to secure and manage resources to advance 4-H programs in our state. Together with amazing 4-H staff, volunteers and donors, we create life-changing opportunities for youth.

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