Meet the Team

The Olea Project Team is collaborative group within OSU Extension. We are a diversified group of faculty, extension coordinators, researchers, and students. We share a passion for this unique growing region and it’s thriving small farm community!

NEil bell (cultivar evaluation trial)

Neil Bell has overseen the Community Horticulture program in Marion County and Polk County since 2000, which includes the Master Gardener program.  His research interests revolve around evaluations of landscape plants for drought tolerance and cold hardiness in western Oregon, under the name Northwest Plant Evaluations, a collaboration with Heather Stoven and Dr. Lloyd Nackley. The long-term goal of this is to identify a palette of shrubs suitable for use in low-input un-irrigated landscapes in the region. 

Heather Stoven (Propagation Trial)

Heather Stoven is the Community Horticulturalist and Small Farms Extension Agent for Yamhill County.  Her position is housed in McMinnville and she oversees the Master Gardener program, community horticulture and small farms. Her strengths include pest management, plant problem diagnosis, greenhouse growing and nursery crops. 

Hayley White (Agriculture Program Coordinator)

Hayley White is the Agriculture Program Coordinator for Marion County & Polk County Extension Service. She is excited to work with both the Small Farms program and local olive producers. Her diverse background is in sustainable agriculture, animal science, outreach and non-formal education. 

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