Job Org Report

Jesse Lin is a sophomore at Oregon State University majoring in Sociology. His interests are officiating Intramural sports at Oregon State and watching basketball and football games in his spare time.


The CIA is an American Government agency that collects national intelligence for top government officials. The CIA’s mission is to detect and protect our national security through intelligence gathering, analyzing the intelligence, and engaging in covert operations under the direction of the president to protect our nation.


The CIA is separated into five divisions which are the analytic position, Business, IT&Security, Directorate of Operations, Language, and Science, Engineering, and Technology positions. The CIA has many different types of jobs available under each division ranging from police officers, cyber security, analysis, operations officer, management, and many other choices for careers.


The CIA has a strict leadership structure where each person in charge is responsible for certain sections of operations and analysis that occur in the CIA. The current director of the CIA in charge of the organization is John O. Brennan. There are deputy and executive deputy directors under Brennan and also deputy directors for certain sections such as a deputy director for analysis, support, operations, and other divisions.


CIA headquarters are located at the George Bush Center for Intelligence building in Langley, Virginia just outside of Washington D.C.. Anyone that works for the C.I.A must relocate to the Washington D.C. metropolitan area where CIA headquarters are located.


The CIA’s motto is the work of a nation; the center of intelligence. The Vision of the CIA is to provide information, insights, and analysis to ensure that America is always one step ahead when it comes to threats and other issues.


During World War 2, the office of strategic service (OSS) led by William Donovan was responsible for collecting and analyzing strategies gathered from the enemy. After OSS was disbanded following the war, President Truman realized the need for an intelligence agency in the post war. In 1947, Truman passed the National Security Act which created the CIA for intelligence gathering.


The CIA requires employees to have strong core values such as service, integrity, teamwork, excellence, courage, and stewardship that are a must to protect the nation we are serving for. You must put your country at risk first over yourself and sacrifice personal gain for the betterment of the team and country. You must be truthful, protect the secrets of the CIA, and accept the dangerous conditions and challenges the job offers.


Working at the CIA requires a lot of sacrifice by the individual. They must keep their work secret from their families and loved ones. It is a behind the scenes job where people will never understand or know what you are doing or why you are doing what you do to protect the country you love.




Jesse Lin is a sophomore at Oregon State University who is majoring in Sociology. His hobbies are officiating Intramural Sports on campus and watching sports in his free time such as basketball and football. He is a die hard San Francisco 49ers and La Lakers fan.