Blog Post #8

As of now we are in the current state of our project whereby we are developing user interfaces that our future users will interact with. These UI features are the groundwork that the blockchain interactivity will be built upon. As prior stated, the conflicts we now have to deal with is determining the blockchain the… Continue reading Blog Post #8

Blog Post #7

After moving to this new project there has been a lot of preparation and work that needed to be done to ensure that we were able to tackle a project of this size. The main issue that we see potentially being an issue right now is a lack of planning. Planning is incredibly important in… Continue reading Blog Post #7

Blog Post #6

Fast forward to the present and our cryptocurrency exchange has been approved as a viable project moving forward. Before we begin development, however, it is important for us to understand more about blockchains and smart contracts and to determine the advantages and disadvantages of developing on some blockchains instead of others. As of now most… Continue reading Blog Post #6

Blog Post #5

Much has occurred since the last post, primarily my project team and I have decided to part ways with our sponsor since we didn’t see eye to eye on many of the infrastructure utilizations that he had originally proposed. An example being we thought that while the toll bridge concept was interesting it was relatively… Continue reading Blog Post #5

Blog Post #4

The foundation of a community’s infrastructure is meant to be built upon the aspect of stability. Without stability, reliability, and proper execution a failed project has the potential to create a significant dent in a community. Cryptocurrencies are by nature unstable. A great example of this is Bitcoin. Its price constantly fluctuates thousands of dollars… Continue reading Blog Post #4

Blog Post #3

Developing a blockchain and cryptocurrency is something I am extremely passionate and excited to do, however, in this cyber world there are a plethora of mistakes that can occur simply due to the space being so new. To better explain what I mean by this I will speak a bit about cryptocurrencies. Most cryptocurrencies that… Continue reading Blog Post #3

Blog Post #2

Today I met and introduced myself to my group members, one of them lives in China, so making sure everyone feels included and accommodated is important to me. We are all eager to learn more about decentralized currencies, and how they come to exist particularly due to the Blockchain. For this project I want to… Continue reading Blog Post #2

Hello world!

Hello! My name is Nikil Nair I am currently a senior from Portland majoring in Computer Science at Oregon State University. What first got me interested in computers and programming in general, was the ability to build something from the ground up with little to no costs. As someone who enjoyed legos as a kid,… Continue reading Hello world!