The three companies that I chose to research are American Express, Hilton, and Cisco.

American Express : 94% of employees at American Express say that this is a great place to work for compared to 57% of employees at typical U.S. based companies. The employees are happy to work at American Express due to many reasons. These include: support, benefits, family, leadership, balance, opportunities, etc. For the third year in a row, American Express achieved 100% pay equity across gender globally. American Express also gives employees a lot of responsibility, while promoting a good work environment which is a HR practice to give employer responsibility.

Hilton : 97% of employees say that Hliton is a great company to work for. Hilton is a leading global hospitality company, serving over 3 billion people in its lifetime. 99% of employees say that once you join the company, you are made to feel welcome, and that 98% of employees are proud to tell others that they work here. 96% of employees say that management is competent at running the business, which says a lot about HR and how they treat employees. If HR was not good, then the employees would not be saying these things about the company.

Cisco : 92% of employees say that Cisco is a great company to work for. 88% of management involved people in decision making about work environment, and 92% of people are encouraged to balance their work and personal life. What sets Cisco apart from other companies is the combination of trust, innovation, and choice that employees have within the company. This is a HR practice that gives employees freedom and independence for decision making. 

The type of manager I want to be is a understanding, trustworthy, and kind manager. I have had practice in the management side, and I know that if a manager is kind, trust worthy, and understand, then employees who work under the manager do better work because they feel respected and valued. Some things that could be tough while being a manager and practicing HR would be hiring the right people who are hard working, kind, and fit well within the company.


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