What makes interviews effective and possibly ineffective?


The consistency and stability of the interview results over time and between different interviewers is referred to as reliability. The format of the interview questions, the interviewers’ training, and the standardization of the interview process are a few variables that can affect how reliable an interview is. For instance, standardized questions and evaluation standards are more reliable in interviews than open-ended questions and personal opinions are.


Validity is the level to which an interview achieves the goals it sets. the extent to which the interview questions fully address the relevant topic matter is referred to as content validity. Criterion-related validity refers to the degree to which the interview results correlate with other measures of the same construct. The accuracy of the interview sample, the relevance and specificity of the interview questions, and the degree to which the interview results are backed up by other sources of evidence can all have an impact on validity.


The term “utility” relates to how valuable the interview results are in the real world for the stated goals. The cost and time needed to administer the interview, the accessibility of skilled interviewers, and the acceptability of the interview to the stakeholders who will be using the results are all variables that can affect the interview’s utility.

My experience : I have been through many interviews and there are many things that go well and do not go well. After doing some research online about reliability, validity, and utility, these are all things that are able to help an interview go smoothly. Interviews can be very challenging, but with enough practice and confidence, anyone will be able to do a interview smoothly. If I could go back, I would change a simple thing as going into the interview as a conversation, and not looking at it as a professional interview. For me, this allowed the interviews to go much smoother and it made each interview a lot less nerve-wrecking.


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