Blog Post #3

While algorithmic trading (trading stocks according to Machine Learning – or otherwise developed – algorithms) has been around for several years now, the power and usefulness of it still blows me away. Our project is to algorithmically detect and itemize the “best” stocks according to the barbell strategy, and considering me as an undergraduate Computer… Continue reading Blog Post #3

Blog Post #2

My project makes me think of an interesting aspect of computer science: many times the computer science aspect of an endeavor is just the means to an end in a different discipline. In robotics, you see this in robots that perform work that humans do, ex: surgery, where the innovation is having the robot able… Continue reading Blog Post #2

Blog Post #1

It’s interesting, the first prompt in the assignment (what got you started with computers?) implies that there’s a discrete moment that we were introduced to computers. But, as I think about when I first used a computer, I imagine I’m similar to those of my generation where there isn’t one. Computers have been ubiquitous and… Continue reading Blog Post #1

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