Favorite Technologies

One of my favorite technologies right now is AI.  AI is very exciting right now and is changing people’s lives every day.  It is changing how people get information, how people work, and etc…  Although I we are still in the early phases of AI development, it is a technology that will continue to have a profound impact on our lives.

However, another technology that is my interesting to me right now that I feel is often overlooked is blockchain.  Although there aren’t many well-known use cases of blockchain compared to AI, its potential applications are vast and transformative.  As the world continues to digitize, the properties of blockchain could offer significant benefits. 

One key property of blockchain is decentralization.  With decentralization, no single entity has control.  This helps reduce risk of corruption and manipulation by a central authority.  When this is implemented in things like digital identity, it allows individuals to own and control their personal data, reducing privacy and security concerns in online transactions. 

Another important property of blockchain is traceability, which is really useful in supply chain management, where it’s critical to track the origin and movement of goods.  This provides customers with transparency about how and where their purchases are produced. 

Another great property of blockchain is tokenization, which allows physical or digital assets such as real estate, artwork, gold, music, luxury goods, to be represented as digital tokens on a blockchain, signifying ownership rights. 

Overall, while AI technology is currently accelerating at an rapid pace, other technologies such as blockchain, and quantum computing are slowing creeping up.  It will be fascinating to see how these technologies evolve and interact in the future.