It’s Finally Spring!

It’s finally the BEST term at Oregon State University: Spring Term!

That bright thing in the sky finally peaks through the clouds and students’ attitudes reflect the sunny weather! Though classes may not be any easier and workloads may not be any lighter, spring term is always fun and exciting!

The Agricultural Executive Council has been busy planning the spring industry tour and 2017 Ad Days. The theme for Industry tour is Gorge-ous Oregon. The weekend of April 21st, we will be taking just under 60 students around the Columbia Gorge area to learn about the opportunities in agriculture the area has to offer. The Ag Days theme this year is The Future of Agriculture. Ag Days is the first week of May and we have events scheduled throughout the week!

Aside from these events we have our term meetings, the first being April 12th, then May 3rd and a year wrap-up along with Ag Exec elections on May 24th. All meetings will be at 7pm and held in Weniger 153 (unless otherwise specified).

We look forward to enjoying this term with you!

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