While high conversion rates are the key indicator of the success of an online marketing campaign, it is the design of the landing page that the weight of that success is truly supported. With skillful design and purposeful customer interaction, landing pages are truly the powerhouse in growing conversions.


A campaign needs focus and purpose, and these are found in your goals and displayed in your call to action. So, know your goals and keep them within view. It is difficult to lose sight of where a project started when you’re in the thick of landing page design and development. However, in order for a campaign to succeed it needs focus and purpose founded on solidly stated goals and displayed through a cleary call to action. So, know your goals, revisit them often, and as you do, ask yourself it the campaign you have meets the needs of your goals.


The value of the voided space on a landing page is key to capturing the attention of an audience and reducing distractions for the call to action of your campaign. In this world of digital overload, customers are bombarded with advertisements at every turn, so as you seek to capture access to their minds and wallets respect the attention they’ve gifted you with. Create content for a landing page that prioritizes the most important content and make it more valuable through decluttering the content. This will both leave the customer with a clear understanding of the content and purpose of the page while also achieving the maximization of the customer’s attention and the effectiveness of the campaign. So resist the urge to fill the space and boldly embrace the void.


It is all too tempting to ask for all the possible information you desire from a customer during a conversion, however bouncing increases with the number of fields in a form. So, when requesting customer information ask yourself not what you want, but what do you need, and restrict yourself to only that. In a world where customers are constantly having to guard data mining, gather less will make conversions more likely.


There is no in-between when it comes to including a video on a landing page. While there is clear and solid evidence that are amazing and powerful tools for increasing conversions, use them with skill or not at all. Placement, length, style, content, and quality all play a role in their effectiveness. They can smoothly capture the attention of the customer and to communicate a message with ease. However, be aware that, while alluring and power videos may be, they come with risk as well. Avoid pitfalls such as using videos that are too long or obscure lingo and never use autoplay. It is better to have no video at all than to have a video that is offputting to the customer. So remember, if you can’t rock it, stop it.


As your customer leaves you, remember this is the moment you will make a final impression upon them. The way a primary conversion concludes seals the tone of the experience as a whole and sets the stage for future interactions and secondary conversions. As you design how closes remember to stay positive, grateful, and encouraging while seeking out further conversions and gathering data.

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