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  • Blog Post #4

    I think my favorite technology that we are using for Beaver Vault is React. It is the technology that I am super comfortable with, and I love how easy it is to build websites that display dynamic data. Using all the nice third-party libraries that work with React is a dream, too. Like using Material […]

  • CS462 Blog Post #1

    It feels good to get back into it! And now that we are really focusing on the code-writing aspect of things this term, it is important to talk about writing clean code, and noticing when your code smells. One thing I would like to do more of this in write clean code, specifically writing readable […]

  • Blog Post #3

    We are at the end of the fall term, and I have completed one of three capstone classes. It’s been a lot of work, but in the end, this class has been super rewarding, and it is making me super excited to move on to the other two classes. Our project is coming along nicely. […]

  • Blog Post #2

    As we hit the midpoint in this course, our team dynamics have genuinely evolved. The journey so far has been invaluable for understanding each team member’s unique strengths and weaknesses. Through regular Discord meetings, our familiarity has blossomed, fostering more effective collaboration. These sessions have become pivotal, enabling us to meet and consistently deliver on […]

  • Blog Post #1

    Hello all and welcome to my personal blog. My name is John Naeder and I am an OSU student currently living in New Jersey. I am 34 and have spent most of my life as a musician and an audio engineer before turning my focus to computer science. My computer science journey started through video […]

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