Commit Messages: A blog about my CS467 capstone project

  • New tools, layers of abstraction, and creativity

    In many fields of computer science we are progressively building upon the previous generation of toolsets. These incremental advancements, in many ways represent the corner stone of how we operate as engineers however, there seems to be controversy in what tools are used and how they are used. Some look to higher level and scripting […]

  • Related documents, subdocuments, and schemas

    I’d like to discuss related documents, subdocuments, and schemas in a database and our team’s approach to a particular problem. Maintaining relationships between tables in a database is a common issue and no solution is ever perfect. Ultimately most decisions are based on which compromises the development team is more willing to make based on […]

  • First meeting, new goals, and, directions

    This past week, our team met with the clients at BEL that requested our help in improving their product. The NDAs are signed and we were able to sift through the code to see how we should approach the problem but first, a small introduction to the software we are dealing with. FLOW (Forward Looking […]

  • Hello Readers.

    Hello, Welcome to my blog. I will post about progress in my CS467 capstone project on a regular basis. This will be a place where I will share my thoughts ideas, and perhaps road blocks during the next few weeks. If you have anything to say, negative or positive, I’d love to hear about it. […]