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August 13, 2009

As more and more OSU websites come ‘out of the wood work,’ there is a lack of coherence between them. This can make thing very difficult for students to navigate through them. So in order to make these websites more accessible to both contributors and user the MU is trying to format the website under its banner to a Drupal 6 format.

This has a two fold help: First, this allows people with a basic understanding of the web to add and edit content as needed, meaning things can be done in near real-time; Secondly, the general structure of the sites should be more uniform, in the hopes that user will have more pleasant experience using these website.

For anyone who wants to take a look at the SLI Dev site and the MU Dev site the links are:

*These links should work from any computer on campus.

Suggestions and comments are welcome email them to

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