This exhibit features richly rendered and layered work by JS Byrd and Kristie Potwora.
Showcased are Byrd’s vibrant acrylic paintings on canvas, wood & paper.
Monoprint, monotype, etching, screen print, chine colle and illustrations in graphite and colored pencil show Potwora’s mastery of detail and design.
Both artists are art professors at Lane Community College.
As the title would imply, bird imagery is a common theme in both artists work.
A beautiful exhibit… not to be missed.

Portland Four exhibit announcement


Portland Four is an exhibit featuring dynamic and vibrant paintings and prints by four Portland artists: Michael T. Hensley, Tara Murino-Brault, Alison O’Donoghue, and Plastorm.

Though each artist pulls from different inspirational sources, they are all contemporary mark makers producing work with rich layers of visual information. 


In 2009, the American Friends Service Committee put out a nationwide call to artists through the Chicago Public Art Group and the Philadelphia Mural Arts Program, seeking contributions for a traveling memorial. This exhibit features the large-scale mural paintings created by international artists that memorialize those affected by the war in Afghanistan and offer a unique perspective into the lives of civilians.

 The exhibit runs through Jan. 30 2013 


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 Art serves many functions. Throughout history it has been used as a vehicle for religious ritual, as a commemoration of an important event, as propaganda or social commentary, as a means of recording of visual data, for personal expression or  “truth” telling about what an artist sees, for storytelling, to simply please the eye, to create beauty and to convey intense emotion. Over the course of its 40+ year history, The Memorial Union Concourse Gallery has featured exhibits that do all of the above. Some are educational, some display quality craftsmanship or artistic ability and some depict artistic expression that we hope deepens the appreciation and understanding of the human condition.

 With our art exhibits we try to line up a diverse schedule to reflect the diverse interests of the OSU and greater Corvallis community. We  feature the art work of international, regional and local recognized artists, in a broad variety of genres; and are cognizant that some exhibits will appeal to some & not to others.   The exhibits do not reflect the view points of the Memorial Union or its staff.