Coconut water – what’s the big deal?

Over that past five years, coconut water has exploded on the market as a “natural” replenishment drink. So, how replenishing is coconut water, and what are the benefits of choosing coconut water over other beverages?

Coconut water, not to be confused with coconut milk, is a great fat-free source of potassium (~12% of your daily potassium needs) for only 46 calories. In fact, coconut water has nearly double the potassium content of bananas. Potassium is critical for fluid and electrolyte balance. If they become imbalanced, you can experience a number of symptoms, including fatigue and high blood pressure. If your potassium levels get too low, you can suffer more serious heart problems.

What does this mean for you? Although drinking coconut water has been promoted as a replenishment drink, it really isn’t any more beneficial than water or a sport drink after exercise (a topic for a completely different blog). However, coconut water is a great complement to a fruit smoothie. Incorporating coconut water into a smoothie of your favorite fruits is a great way to help meet your fluid, vitamin and mineral needs, particularly potassium, while keeping your calories under control.

Written by: Kari Pilolla

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