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Where the road ends…and the research begins

May 16th, 2012

John Nabelek's crew working int he Basin  & Range area in Northern Nevada near Pleasant Valley

Image: John Nabelek

Author: Lori Hartline, CEOAS (College of Earth, Oceanic and Atmospheric Sciences)

Place: Basin & Range area near Pleasant Valley, Nevada.

John Nabelek’s crew in April, working in the Basin & Range area in Northern Nevada near Pleasant Valley. The experiment utilized passive seismic recordings to examine the nature and shape of the Pleasant Valley fault at depth. This was a proof-of-concept experiment, using 35 seismometers in a closely-spaced linear array to image the fault with seismic waves recorded from distant earthquakes. The experiment collected data for 18 months and spanned three valleys in the Basin and Range.

John Nabelek's crew working int he Basin  & Range area in Northern Nevada near Pleasant Valley

John Nabelek's crew working int he Basin  & Range area in Northern Nevada near Pleasant Valley

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