Throughout this course I have learned an immense amount of different information. Reflecting back on some of the things I have learned thus fat, I believe that the lesson I believe is most interesting and/or important to me in my future career is job descriptions, how to read them, what they are describing, and how to create an accurate one. What is truly interesting about job descriptions is how much work they take. It isn’t as easy as just writing down what the surface level of the job has to offer, but job descriptions must be timed right, require data to be collected, and need to be updated often just to name a few. Some even argue to say that having no job description at all can actually be better than having a bad job description in general. A bad job description brings negativity to a job when they are wrong whereas no job description can still be fine to others, but just require some information. Another interesting thing I learned about job descriptions is how often then need to be regulated, updated, and even how often then should go through changes. Ultimately, job descriptions come with a lot of responsibility and need to be taken care of. This is a huge factor when looking to hire potential employees. On another note, job descriptions can often tell more about a company as well. This can mean a series of things such as leadership within the company, culture, seriousness of a company, and obviously the role within the company. If a company consistently neglects updating job descriptions then it could be safe to assume that they do not truly care about their work or take as much pride in their work as they may say they do. Job descriptions can also help in legal battles as well. LBMC Employment Partners states the following about job descriptions, “they can serve as helpful legal documentation if an employee files a lawsuit against a company”. Nonetheless, job descriptions hold more power and weight than just simply describing a job. There is power, strength, love, compassion, and so much more behind them which is why this was the most important topic to me this term.