Aug 27th, 2019Journal clubZhipeng and JyothiLink to paper
Sep 3rd, 2019MMPJyothi and Zhipeng2:00 meetings start – Immune cell signatures, finish discussing 8/27 paper
Sep 10th, 2019 Journal clubStephany and MarieLink to paper
Sep 17th, 2019 T2DNolan and Philip CGRB conference practice
Sep 24th, 2019 MMPAndrey and NataliaMicrobiota dependent/independent effects
Oct 1st, 2019Manoj and Jacob
Oct 8th, 2019Drug projectNolanDiscussing figures for paper
Oct 15th, 2019MMPManojProgress of paper
Oct 22nd, 2019Journal clubManojTBA
Oct 29th, 2019MMPZhipengProgress of paper
Nov 5th, 2019MMPZhipengProgress of paper
Nov 12th, 2019Journal clubNolan, Zhipeng, JyothiLink to paper
Nov 19th, 2019MMPManojPaper and figure discussion
Nov 25th, 2019MMPZhipengMeeting at 3:00, Paper update
Dec 3rd, 2019Guest speakerGuest speakerGuest speaker from Tropini lab
Dec 10th, 2019MMPZhipengAll figures and text discussion
Dec 17th, 2019TBDTBDTBD
January 21st, 2020MMPManoj and NickLiterature review
January 28th, 2020MMPTBDPaper discussion
February 4th, 2020T2DNolan and PhilipPaper discussion
February 18th, 2020Journal clubNolan, Philip, Kaito, NickLink to paper
February 25th, 2020MMPAndriy and NataliaPaper discussion
March 3rd, 2020Journal clubZhipeng, Jacob, and KimberlyLink to paper
March 10th, 2020SeahorseJacobSeahorse, qPCR
March 17th, 2020MetabolomicsAndriyResponding to paper questions
March 24th, 2020TBATBATBA
April 7th, 2020PresentationPhilip and ZhipengLink to paper
April 14th, 2020PresentationIan and NolanNormalization methods, bile acid updates from Richard
April 21st, 2020Journal clubJyothi and NolanMmp single cell and lit. review
April 28th, 2020MMPZhipeng and ManojPrevious results
May 5th, 2020MMPNolan and JyothiPrelimary human analysis results
May 12th, 2020Journal clubManoj and JacobLink to paper
May 19th, 2020MMPNolanUpdate of metaanalysis on signature
May 26th, 2020MMPJyothi, Nolan, ManojMMP update
June 2nd, 2020Journal clubNolan and PhilipLink to paper
June 16th, 2020Journal clubNolan and PhilipLink to paper
June 23rd, 2020MMPZhipengNew figures
July 21st, 2020Check-inEveryoneCheck-in on progress
July 28th, 2020LactobacillusJacobLactobacillus metabolism
August 4th, 2020NASHJyothi EPA/DHA NASH prevention
August 11th, 2020NASHJyothi and Philip NolanEPA/DHA NASH prevention
August 18th, 2020NetworksNolanNetwork project
August 25th, 2020Journal clubNolan and KaitoLink to paper
September 8th, 2020OrganizationNolan and KaitoServer structure
September 15th, 2020NASHJyothi, Philip, and NolanAnalysis update, practice presentation
September 22nd, 2020Journal clubJyothi, Marie, and KaitoLink to paper
September 29th, 2020SlackJacobOverview of Slack. DOWNLOAD BEFORE MEETING!!!
October 6th, 2020NASH projectJyothi, Nolan, and PhilipUpdate on analysis
October 13th, 2020Journal clubJacob and KaitoLink to paper
October 20th, 2020NASHJyothi, Nolan, and PhilipUpdate on analysis
October 27th, 2020XanthohumolNolan and KaitoUpdate on project
November 3rd, 2020Journal clubNolan and JyothiLink to paper
November 10th, 2020NASHJyothi and NolanUpdate on project
November 17th, 2020Xanthohumol paperNolan and KaitoNetwork and basic analysis
November 24th, 2020Journal clubNolan and JyothiContinued from the 3rd
December 1st, 2020Xanthohumol paperNolan, Kaito, and JyothiReducing density of adipose tissue network
December 8th, 2020NASHJyothiCell-cell communication
December 29th, 2020ProbioticsJacobUpdate
January 6th, 2021NASHJacob and JyothiUpdate
January 13th, 2021Journal clubNolan and JacobLink to paper
February 24th, 2021NASHJyothiUpdate
March 3rd, 2021NASHJyothiUpdate
March 10th, 20211. Expt. notebook organization
2. Journal club
1. Jacob and Stephanie
2. Nolan, Jyothi, and Jacob
1. How the experimental notebooks are organized
2. Link to paper
March 17th, 2021XanthohumolNolan, Kaito, and AmandaUpdate
March 22nd, 2021NANAQuick 15 minute meeting without Andrey or Natalia
March 31st, 2021ProbioticsJacob, Zoe, ShivaniUpdate
April 7th, 2021Project updatesAmanda and SehajUndergrad project updates
April 14th, 2021NASHJyothiPRIPS presentation (at noon on the 15th)
April 21st, 2021Journal clubJyothi and NolanLink to paper
April 28th, 2021XanthohumolJyothi and Nolan Update
May 12th, 2021NASHJyothiMeta-analysis
May 19th, 2021Journal clubNolan and ManojLink to paper
May 26th, 2021MMPJacob New results
June 2nd, 2021Presentation practiceNolan and ManojPractice presenting for prelim/defense
June 9th, 2021NASHJyothiUpdate
June 16th, 2021NASHJyothi and Nolan Update
June 23rd, 2021Mmp12Jacob?Update
June 30th, 2021MMP and ProbioticsJacobUpdate
July 7th, 2021NASH Journal clubJyothi and SehajLink to paper
July 14th, 2021Project updatesJyothi and JacobUpdate
July 21st, 2021Xanthohumol (and other projects)JyothiUpdate
July 28th, 2021GlutathioneJacob and ZoeUpdate
August 4th, 2021Journal clubNolan and ZoeLink to paper
August 11th, 2021MMPJacobUpdate
August 18th, 2021Journal clubNolan and ZoeLink to paper
August 25th, 2021Journal clubJyothi and NolanLink to paper
September 1st, 2021MMPJacobOrganizing paper and discussing results
September 8th, 2021NASHJyothiUpdate
September 15th, 2021Xanthohumol Nolan and Jyothi Update
September 22nd, 2021 Journal clubNolan and JyothiLink to paper
September 29th, 2021MMP, NASH, TXN, ProbioticsEveryone!Updates on all projects
October 6th, 2021Probiotics project Jacob and Zoe Update
October 13th, 2021PRIPS presentationJacobResults and practicing presentation
October 20th, 2021NASHJyothiliterature background
October 27th, 2021Continue from prev. week, project updatesJyothiliterature background and project updates
November 10th, 2021NASHJyothiUpdate
November 17th, 2021NASH and XNNolan and JyothiUpdate
November 24th, 2021Journal club (postponed)Jyothi and SandyLink to paper
December 1st, 2021Journal club (postponed) Jyothi and Sandy Link to paper
December 8th, 2021Project updatesNolan, Jyothi, and JacobUpdates
December 15th, 2021Probiotics Zoe and JacobUpdates, including assay
December 22nd, 2021Journal clubKhiemKhiem’s cell paper
December 29th. 2021 NO MEETING NA NA
January 5th, 2021Project updates Everyone Everyone
January 12th, 2022Guest speakerPawanPawan Kumar (guest speaker)
March 16th, 2022Probiotics and IBDJacob and JyothiUpdate on project
March 23rd, 2022AhR projectNolan and SankalpSingle cell update
March 30th, 2022IBDJyothiUpdate
April 7th, 2022All project updatesMostly everyoneMeetings start at 3:00

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