Compensation Blog #5

I am very open to working in another country. If an opportunity arose and all the cards aligned, I would definitely jump on it. I studied abroad in Spain for 7 weeks and traveled around Europe for another 3 weeks and have been wanting to go back ever since.

With this being said, there are some factors that I would have to consider before accepting a position in a different country. Some of these factors include which country I’d be going to, what language they speak, my family situation at the time, the pay and benefits, and the country’s cost of living. I have a major in Spanish so I would be more inclined to work in a Spanish speaking country. And then another major factor is my family. If the opportunity arises down the line in my life, I might have a partner and kids which would be a huge factor. Obviously pay is not the one motivating factor, but it would play a huge role. The pay, benefits and relocation package would be something to consider. If where I am moving has a high cost of living, I would need to be compensated for that somehow. And benefits would also play a huge part in my decision. What is healthcare like in the country I would be moving to? There are so many things to take into consideration, but I want to travel to other countries so I would definitely be motivated to move if the cards aligned. 

When talking with my group, we all had very similar factors that we would take into consideration before accepting a job in another country. One thing that one of my group members brought up was health conditions. This isn’t something that I thought about. This can mean the health status of myself before I move and the risk levels in the country I would be moving to.

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