Cinnamon Coconut Greek Frozen Yogurt

Cinnamon Coconut Frozen Greek Yogurt. See the flecks of cinnamon? Mmmm.

I was the one who had a hankering for ice cream this afternoon. I came across a recipe for cardamom ice cream recently that I wanted to try, but didn’t have enough milk and heavy cream to make a batch for the non-keto family, and I have not had good luck with adapting ice cream recipes for Nora.

Good thing that we keep heavy cream and plain Greek yogurt in the house at all times! I went looking online for a cinnamon Greek Yogurt recipe that would fit the bill. Found a sugar-free one on Epicurious for Frozen Coconut Yogurt with Cinnamon.

Scapings from the side of the ice cream machine, as the keto frozen yogurt freezes solid to the sides after just a few minutes. I reincorporated this back into the rest of the ice cream and finished freeing it in the freezer, stirring occasionally.

I find that title misleading because it is not made out of coconut yogurt, it’s made with Greek yogurt and coconut milk. Sorry dairy-free friends. I adapted the recipe for Nora (below), and I adapted it for the rest of us by using sugar instead of stevia. As I mentioned in the keto ice cream post, sugar is the magic ingredient in ice cream that stops it from freezing solid. The original recipe instructs you to put the mixture in an ice cream machine, but as you will see from Nora’s recipe that probably will not work perfectly, although Nora’s had the added freezing problem of including cream. From now on, I will put Nora’s ice cream mixtures in the freezer and stir occasionally instead of using the ice cream machine. Givin’ up ice cream machine the dream.

Nutrition information for 50 g of Cinnamon Coconut Frozen Yogurt. Analysis from

Cinnamon Coconut Greek Frozen Yogurt
113 g Greek Gods Traditional Plain Greek Yogurt
60 g Organic Valley Heavy Cream
8 g Thai Kitchen Organic Premium Coconut Milk
0.5 to 1 g ground cinnamon
2 g coconut or vanilla extract

Mix all ingredients well. Add a no-carb sweetener of your choice. Freeze in a small bowl in the freezer, stirring occasionally to scape down sides and create proper texture. Serve when frozen!

3.58:1 ratio

This is real-time blogging; we are about go outside and eat our ice cream! I know it’s good because I sampled the spatulas.

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4 thoughts on “Cinnamon Coconut Greek Frozen Yogurt

  1. I’m looking forward to trying this, but I have a question. i’ll be using stevia instead of sugar, so I’ll stir instead of using the machine. If I have leftovers, can I just leave it in the freeze or will it get hard without the stirring? I know leftovers sound crazy, but I’m cooking for a week ahead of time.

    I’m just learning to cook foe keto and there are not a lot of recipes out there. I really appreciate yours!

    • Hi Kim,

      Note that there is no sugar in this keto recipe either! And yes, it will freeze hard as a rock you leave it in the freezer. I’ve had a lot of experience making various versions of keto ice cream now, and they will all freeze as hard as a rock if you leave it.

      I also make a lot of these frozen recipes ahead and leave them in the freezer. You just have to take it out 15-20 minutes before you want to serve it and let it soften, then stir and mash it up when it’s soft enough so that it is reasonably scoopable. Even better is to freeze it in popsicle molds, but that takes a little experimentation to figure out how much will fit into a mold that you have. When you do, that makes it really easy to serve frozen treats.

      I am about to post a few more frozen yogurt recipes that go into popsicle molds, so I’ll talk about that more very soon on the blog. There are a few other examples already on the blog now too if you want to see that.

      Good luck!

  2. Thanks! I wasn’t sure if you would notice a comment on old posts, so I’m glad you did and gave me such a great answer. 🙂

    • My pleasure. Luckily the blog is set up to send me an email when anyone posts a comment. Otherwise there would be no way that I would keep up!

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