Nora Update: March 17, 2012

Seizures per day before the diet:  17.5
Seizures per day now:  1.1
Reduction:  94%
Half-life:  13.3 days

After a bumpy two weeks, I am happy to report that we are back in total seizure control. We have made a few changes to Nora’s regimen. We have added a carnitine supplement, which may help Nora stay in ketosis. Carnitine is a vitamin of sorts that helps the body process fat into energy. There is some thought that perhaps both Depakote and the ketogenic diet cause a depletion of carnitine, which can then impede ketosis. As a happy side effect, it can act as a laxative. We have also added some coconut oil, which as a medium chain triglyceride, is more easily processed into ketones. That, also happily, is a mild laxative as well. We are hopeful that these new measures will simultaneously stabilize Nora’s ketosis while also keeping the constipation at bay.

Otherwise Nora is doing well. She has not been sleeping great, but hopefully that’s just a passing adjustment or developmental phase. She is in general sharp, articulate, and happy.

Daily seizure count with exponential model fit.


Daily seizure count with diet metrics.

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