Week 2 Post

Hello, and welcome back to my blog.  This week, I put a lot of time into figuring out my project and getting set up.  I met with David Kalcic, one of my other group members, and we established communication standards and the general operating rules for our project group.  I am excited to work with him on this project, since he seems like a smart guy who also does not get bogged down in the little, unimportant details.  Unfortunately, I was not able to meet with our third group member yet, since he has not shared his contact info yet, but we will talk to him when we meet with the project sponsor.  David and I emailed the Project Sponsor this week, and we got a few more details on the project, as well as a request for a meeting on Monday at 10 to discuss project requirements, etc.  Unfortunately, I was not able to organize a meeting with the Sponsor, Jim, before the Problem Statement was due, so I had to decide on the problem based on other example problem statements, the project description online, and the emails back and forth that I have had with Jim.  Working on this assignment has gotten me excited for the project, because even without a full project outline, there are still so many different aspects to this project to explore.  I am really looking forward to the meeting on Monday when we will be able to figure out the full scope of this project and start to come up with a plan for implementing a solution.  Until then, I will keep trying to contact our third group member, and I will keep doing as much research as I can on both election information gathering and web development tools that we might use.

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