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  • One Step at a Time

    Hello All, I want to start this post off with a quick peace of mind to the reader. When you are programming you will get stuck! It will get difficult and things will seem almost impossible at times. But bear with it, you will be able to overcome the issues through some perseverance and learn […]

  • Let the Show Begin

    It’s finally here, time to start writing some code. There has been ample research needed coupled with many group meetings but the team and I finally feel ready to start implementing some much needed code. The journey so far has been quite different than I anticipated. I’ve always just assumed when programming you read a […]

  • The Machine, The Myth, The Learning

    I want to start this post with a little insight into why I chose the title. Machine learning and Artificial Intelligence has been a subject that has both interested me and terrified me. So naturally I decided to do a course long project on a concept that I knew nothing about. I came into this […]

  • The Great Shift

    Let me start out by saying, man oh man what a whirlwind the past 2 years have been and here is why… 3 years ago I found myself in a position where I was supervising every type of support to Canadas largest open pit coal mining operation. I was getting 70ish calls a day from […]

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