Week 8 Blog: Behaviors and Compensation

There has many occasions in which I have engaged in a set of behaviors and compensation may have been a motivating factor for my decision making. One example I can full recall is when I was working and asked to do an extra job from my original job. The way I was persuaded was by being paid more to put in more effort, which I believe most people can relate to. This is not an uncommon practice, as most employers will want to pay someone a little extra if they can do another job plus their own in an efficient manner. I have been affected by this a couple times, and more often than not I accept it due to the soul fact that I am getting paid more for it to happen. The reason why I believe that compensation motivated me to do this extra job is because is extra cash on hand. Extra cash on hand is a big incentive and an eye-catcher for most people, which is why they want to do extra work to get extra pay. Money can lead people to have certain behaviors in certain situations because of the value that money has as an asset. Money grabs people’s attention, and it can change their behavior whether it be for a good or bad thing. Overall, behaviors can be changed in many certain situations if compensation is involved for most parties due to the fact that money is an asset when you can earn more of it then what you currently are making.